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Mini M&M's

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I was eating mini M&Ms the other day.

You've probably had them before.

They're like regular M&Ms.

But smaller.

That's it....just smaller.​

Still, they required a new SKU, new packaging, fresh marketing, etc.

The experience was different than Regular M&Ms, even though it's basically the same product. Make a slight tweak to the manufacturing process, and a new product is born.

Turns out, mini M&Ms work better on ice cream.

They're also (subliminally) a 'The frozen chocolate in a full size M&M could break a tooth. They also (subliminally) seem like the healthier option because each M&M contains less chocolate.

Quote from Elon Musk:

"Big Candy has consolidated into like three companies and they also own all the dog food and the baby food. When's the last time there was some good candy? What's the forcing function for a new candy bar? I haven't seen one in ages."

Have you considered changing an existing idea/invention in simple way to make a whole new experience?

Curious if 3D printing could be used to create new candy experiences.

Have a great week!

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