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Hardware Engineering Bootcamp - Summer 2024
Dates: TBD - 8-10 weeks

Welcome to FastBuildLabs

Where Your Engineering Dreams Take Flight

Are you a junior or beginner hardware engineer, ready to supercharge your career and make your mark in the world of innovation? 🚀

Unlock Your Potential

At FastBuildLabs, we're not just another bootcamp.


We're a launchpad for your ambitions, a community of action-takers, and a playground for innovation.

Why Choose FastBuildLabs?

🔍 Curiosity Ignited: Ever wondered how to turn your sketches into real-world prototypes that grab attention?  
🛠️ Hands-On Learning: Dive deep into the tools and techniques of hardware engineering, guided by industry experts who've been in your shoes.  
🌐 Global Community: Connect with like-minded engineers from around the world in our vibrant Slack workspace.  
📈 Results-Oriented: No more endless analysis paralysis. FastBuildLabs teaches you to have a bias towards action, because in the real world, results speak louder than spreadsheets.


Instructional video lessons, and a private Slack workspace where we can discuss and learn together!
Here are some of the topics we'll be covering:

Concept Visualization
- Intro to Sketching
- Advanced Sketching
- Digital Sketching

- Whiteboard Sketching


CAD - (modeling strategies, not software)

- Master/Child Modeling

- Mockup (Sketch Model) Techniques

Additive Manufacturing
- DfAM (Design for Additive)

- Additive for Production (who, what, when, how?)

- Technology Overview: SLS, FDM, SLA, DMLS, LFS, CLIP, PJ, FFF,...etc?

How can you use this technology?

- How should you pick which to use?


Prototyping Strategies
- Teardown Products to Reverse Engineer
- Prototyping you can do (at your desk)
- Prototyping with production vendors

- Prototyping by using Service Bureaus
- Form vs Function Prototyping
- Partial Prototyping
- Interaction Prototyping 
- Parallel vs Sequential Prototyping
- Scale Models for Faster Prototyping

- Materials Selection
- Plastics
- Metals
- Composites
- others

- Manufacturing Methods Overview:
- Injection Molding

- Metal Injection Molding

- Overmolding/Insert Molding

- Comolding-Twoshot Molding

- Compression Molding

- Rotomolding

- Extrusion
- CNC Mill/Lathe
- Laser, Waterjet
- Thermoforming
- Sheet Metal

- Stamping
- Die Casting

- others


DFX- Design for X

- Assembly

- Automation

- Cost

- Weight

- Manufacturing

- Packaging

- Ingress Protection (IP Rating)

- ME/EE overlap: (PCBAs):
- Rigid, Rigid Flex, Flex PCBA

- Finding components

- Simplify EE models for lightweight CAD


- Drawings/Documentation
- Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation/Management



- Service Bureaus

- DFM with Suppliers

- Finding vendors


What You'll Learn

🎨 Concept Visualization: From sketching to digital design, master the art of bringing your ideas to life.  
💡 Additive Manufacturing: Explore the cutting-edge world of 3D printing and learn how to leverage it for rapid prototyping.  
🔧 Prototyping Strategies: Go beyond theory and get your hands dirty with real-world prototyping techniques.  
🛠️ Manufacturing Methods: From injection molding to CNC machining, discover the methods that shape the products of tomorrow.  
📈 DFX - Design for X: Learn to optimize your designs for assembly, cost, weight, and manufacturability.

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Students will get special access real-time feedback on the course content.
I'll teach you about design, development, prototyping, and documentation.

If we get a larger-than-expected turnout, I'll bring in other industry experts to teach some classes on things that I'm not an expert in, like GD&T, Medical Regulatory, Quality, etc.

We'll have weekly live Zoom calls, engineering feedback sessions, and other high-value real-life examples to learn from.

Cost: TBD ($1200-1800 USD) or ($200-800 for video lessons only)

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