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Save $$$ on product development costs in Q1

If you're not slightly embarrassed to show your first prototype build, then you waited too long to build it.

Show it early. Figure out what works, and what doesn't. Warts and all. Broken parts, ideas that flopped, and everything that you've tried.

Do it early to save time in the design process.

Get the ugly ideas out there fast, break them, and then start to fine tune them. If you wait until the idea is perfect to show it off, you've missed an opportunity to learn.

Have you ever spent a bunch of money on prototypes, but not had an overall prototyping strategy?

Have you ever spent time or money in development, only to find that your product idea was not clear?

How often do your product development costs double or triple what you’ve budgeted? Product development is expensive. Period. And it’s easy to spend more than you’ve budgeted. Most growing companies spend 3x more than they anticipated. You’re not alone.

A clear product strategy is the best way to reduce your costs.

Your product strategy defines how you will delight your customer and how you will stand apart from the competition.

Without a clear strategy, it’s common to end up in more rounds or redesign and prototyping than you planned for.

This can double or triple your development costs. Worse yet, you’ll launch your product and then then discover it doesn’t delight and is not differentiated.


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