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Two boy's different LEGO strategies

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Two boys were playing with LEGOs.

Andy was quick and creative.

Brian was slow and methodical.

Andy grabbed handfuls of legos at random, with no respect to color or shape.

He quickly cranked out a house shape with multiple rooms and a garage, and a car.

Brian dug deep in the bin, trying to decide what color bricks to use for his house.

He had sorted the bin, and counted the bricks to ensure he had enough of each color.

15 min later, Andy had built and torn down four different floor plans to figure out which one he liked best.

Meanwhile, Brian was confirming that there were enough clear pieces to use for windows.

An hour later, Andy had settled on the ideal floor plan, and even found a few issues with his dream design.

He left holes in the walls for windows. His walls were varying thickness due to the speed at which he built.

Meanwhile, Brian had started to lay down his first bricks.

Later that evening, Andy was glowing and Brian was crushed.

Andy had built and torn down his house so many times, he knew exactly what he liked about his house.

He had made many improvements to the design.

The house was not 'pretty' by anyone's standards, because none of the bricks matched. But matching bricks didn't define a quality design in Andy's eyes.

He knew that he had figured out the layout and anyone could find the bricks to make it look good.

Brian, though, had only enough white bricks to complete half of his 'dream' house.

And when it was coming together, he realized that he had only allocated enough bricks for a garage that was too small for his car. He had spent so long making his design 'pretty' that he had ignored the basic functional requirements.

Don't wait until your design is 'finished' to build it. In design and development, our time is our most valuable asset.

We want to get concepts into real world as fast as possible to validate assumptions.

Direct access to 3D printing is like a magical superpower.

Don't wait until you think you have all the answers to print your design.

Print, print, print.

The material is not expensive when compared to your time.

Build and test. Then start over and do it again.

We can always make it pretty later, after we solve the technical problems.


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