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Finding taco sauce

I was going to make Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Tacos.

But I needed hot sauce.

So I went to the grocery store.

How do you find hot sauce at a grocery store? Do you wander the main aisle, reading every sign, hoping to find the right aisle? Is it with the condiments? Or with the ethnic foods? Maybe it's near the sauces and dressings? I walk into a grocery store, and immediately ask someone for help. Someone with experience. Someone with knowledge of the store. He walks me to the exact location, and while we're walking, we chat about what I typically buy.

I tell him Cholula Original because, obviously, it's the best. He explains how the global shortages have impacted supply chain, and availability of my typical favorite. He makes recommendations about what options were available today, and I buy something else. Today, I found a new favorite hot sauce. A locally-crafted blend of spices that perfectly complements my tacos.

And I wouldn't have touched it except that I had a guide.

An expert with knowledge and experience that could make a recommendation for my particular circumstance. But why should you care about taco sauce?

It's the experience that made it easy.

I had a personal assistant. An expert in taco sauces.

He helped me find a solution that shortened my journey from unknown to known.

Rapid prototyping is an art, not a science.

Finding available suppliers, with appropriate bandwidth and technology can take a long time. RP suppliers won't be your long-term suppliers. And your long-term suppliers don't want your prototype work (most of the time). So how do you navigate your prototype builds?

  1. RP Suppliers are constantly changing.

  2. Technology is constantly changing.

  3. China trade issues continue to cause delays.

  4. US Suppliers are back-ordered.

  5. Stainless foundries are not taking new orders, due to shortage of nickel.

I've bridged the gap with 10+ years of prototyping experience

Let's chat about how I can help you.

Please share with others if you think anyone would benefit from tips/tricks on prototyping. Did someone awesome share this with you? Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox.

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