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Sneak up on success

Sneak up on success by taking small steps that validate assumptions.

Prototypes can reduce risk for later investments, in Time or Money. Here's a story about how a quick prototype saved me time.

I had a sheetmetal cooling shroud designed, ready to order.

The lead time was critical factor.

I had extra budget, but no extra time.

To mitigate schedule risk, I printed a copy of the Sheet Metal part. I folded it up using hot glue to bond the joints.

Everything fit together perfectly. I was pleased.

But then I went to install it and found that my screwdriver didn't have clearance on the bolt head. I had to redesign, move the screws to the sides rather than the top of the shroud.

My printed surrogate parts were a good stand-in. Not for dimensional tolerance inspection, as many of my prototypes are.

It was for the dummy fit check. How are we going to put this together once parts get here? ​ In hindsight, I could've used a cardboard mockup before I started CAD. I love prototyping, and sharing stories of things I've learned.

Let me know how I can help you be successful!


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