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R&D Q’s: How do I plan to test my idea:

There are so many questions in R&D strategy planning.

Over the next ten days, I’ll try to address each of these in order. Stay tuned, each day I’ll share experiences, tools, and tips and tricks to answer these questions:

Today’s question: How do I plan to TEST my idea?

Testing an idea is a tricky thing to do. Use early tests to find the obvious failure modes with your product idea.

I try to find ways to test my product ideas in ways that I can get them to FAIL. Find the holes in the logic. Find the reasons why someone would not buy this. What other opportunities are available to them?

If you’re planning to build a piece of hardware, can this problem be solved by an app? Testing an idea is critical to find the obvious alternatives.

If you’re planning to build a product, would it make sense to sell a service instead?

In short: Design prototypes to satisfy testing strategy. Plan your tests first. Build only what is needed to pass the test. Then plan your next tests.

Have a great day! Tomorrow, I’ll discuss different ways to monetize your invention.


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