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If you search Google for "3D print prototypes" ...

If you search for “​3d print prototypes” Google will return more than ​17 million results. ​If you sort by videos, there's​ some 3​50k+ options.​ You would watch every single one of those videos, ​and still not understand what type of 3D printing to use, for your current project, ​in the current market, with the current lead times. Knowledge is valuable. But there’s a ​huge gap between knowledge and understanding. ​We've bridged the gap between knowledge and understanding with EXPERIENCE:

What types of printing works for what applications? What tolerances are achievable for what technology? What print orientations are required for certain tolerances? What service bureaus to use for which technologies? How to save printing and post-processing time using DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) Also, sometimes 3D printing is not the answer.

Rapid prototyping can help accelerate the fail-fast learning curve, and I'd love to help you find the fastest solution to your prototyping challenge. Call me anytime. I love prototyping.

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