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Done is better than perfect

I’ve seen too many design projects stall out in the pursuit of perfection.

I like to say, done is better than perfect.

Get to a MVP (minimum viable product) and test.

Usually the Designers have a vision, and it’s the Engineers that hold things up:

Mechanical Engineers trying to reduce material in molded parts to absolute minimums.

Electrical Engineers trying to get the induction-current crosstalk down to minimal acceptable levels.

Molding Engineers endless design iterations to reduce side-actions and cams.

Software Engineers trying to eliminate every last bug.

Manufacturing Engineers trying to optimize the product assembly process on gen 1.

I say, ship it.

Get the 80% done, and then assess the remaining 20%

Is it still necessary, or can we cut it out? Is it worth the additional effort?

If we cut it, are there mitigations in place to cover the risks?

Put your product in your users hands and get their feedback ASAP. Don't let perfection be the enemy of good enough.

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