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You don't WANT an injection mold; you WANT profits. Focus on that.

Frequently, inventors come to me asking for help with design for injection molding. Usually, it's a molding company that has told them to use injection-molding to build their device.

Unfortunately, this is a broad generalization.

Don't let your assumptions define your design. Injection molding is only one type of manufacturing method.

If I had no background in manufacturing, injection molding would sound super attractive. Molded plastic parts can be extremely low cost....but the tooling/setup fees can eat your profitability.

Your mfg method should depending on your cost sensitivity to tooling and setup costs. CNC, Urethane Casting, or even Additive Manufacturing (AM) might be the best option for you.

I can help you decide what's a good fit for AM. I am not partial to any manufacturing method of vendor. I'll let you know which would be best for your application.

I love finding hidden profits by redesigning or consolidating parts for lower cost manufacturing methods.

Make it a great Tuesday!


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