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Prototype Everything

Done is better than perfect.

Let's say you're in school on test day. Your teacher instructs you to run through the test as fast as possible.

She says "Go through the test, answer everyone that you know without any work. Then go back and fill in the unknowns."

"You don't want to waste an entire hour on the first question only to run out of time..."

In development, we're bound to run out of time and money.

When that happens, we want to have the most technically complete design file possible. If we spend too long on small details, we might not ever finish.

Build your entire device as quickly as possible Then build it again. Each build will get better. Be smart on prototype spending.

Don't let uncertainty get in the way. That is a recipe for stalling out. If there's something in your design that you're not sure about, just take a guess.

Build something today!

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