Prototyping Success by COVE Design

Accelerator Coaching Program (by application only)

Successful startups understand that it takes a lot more than a CAD model to design an amazing product.

Capital management, regulatory approvals, packaging, scheduling, etc. 

You bring the ideas, and we'll help ensure your device is designed for manufacturing at a cost that will turn a profit.


We've developed hundreds of products and helped dozens of startups from concept to production.

Let us help you create an efficient development strategy that works. 


We'll help your company be efficient with capital, and help you design/engineer high-quality prototypes that build confidence with investors.

Our fees are typically $249/month we're taking applications starting August 2020. 

Typical engagement is 18-36 months, with a 30-day opt-out for both parties.

Basic monthly schedule will be as follows:

  1. Monthly conference calls (60-90 minutes)

    1. 15-20 min discussion about something interesting (see typical event topics below)

    2. 40-60 min Design Review/Project Plan/Open format Q/A

These might be individual coaching calls, or combined with other participants in the program.
Let me know what you’d prefer.


Typical event topics

  1. Rapid Prototyping Techniques

  2. How to find manufacturers

  3. How to design for manufacturing

  4. How to test and get valuable feedback from users

  5. Cost-out optimization

  6. Weight-out optimization

  7. Plastic Selection Techniques

  8. Manufacturing in Asia

  9. Injection Molding Limitations

  10. Working with freelancers to accelerate your development

  11. …other?

COVE may also invest CASH or DESIGN SERVICES in your startup to fuel growth in exchange for equity. 

**Founders that join the Prototyping Success Coaching program also gain unlimited access to a private Design & Development MS Teams channel for ongoing coaching support.

All applicants will be considered for long-term coaching based on brand/portfolio fit.